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Players Pool Events
Players Pool Events20/04/2019 at 12:06pm
Only a month away folks... if you would like to enter then please send us a pm.

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Many thanks
Players Pool Events
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Please rejoin the Beard team by liking our new page, the old one has been removed so we are starting again! 😀
Players Pool Events
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Hi Guys

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Players Pool Events
Players Pool Events16/04/2019 at 4:15pm
We are still taking entries.
Please drop us a message if you would like to enter.
Players Pool Events
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An experienced broadcast team dedicated to bringing 8 Ball Pool fans the best viewing experience possible, from some of the biggest events the game has to offer! 🙂
Players Pool Events
Players Pool Events12/04/2019 at 4:15pm
If you missed out on the first bonus ball, here is another chance.....

🎱🎱Bonus Ball Time #2🎱🎱

Win a place in the Supreme Pool Series - The Supreme Masters - 24th - 26th May

Also receive £90 accommodation.

1 number for £8
3 numbers for £20

Please send your payment now to:

Sort code 20-36-43
Account 33205827
Remember to add your name as a reference.

1.Jamie Reynolds🎱
2. Brian Robinson🎱
3.Gareth Aries🎱
4.Phil Pitman🎱
5.Gareth Aries🎱
6. Jason Toovey🎱
7.Martin McIntosh🎱
8.Martin McIntosh🎱
9.Jason Connop🎱
10. Simon Crawford🎱
11.Greg Dixon🎱
12. Brian Robinson🎱
13.Jason Connop🎱
14. Brian Robinson🎱
15.Gareth Aries🎱
16.Martin McIntosh🎱
17.Ka Pow🎱
18.Martin McIntosh🎱
19.Leigh Mannon🎱
20.Ka Pow🎱
21.Leigh Mannon🎱
22.Jamie Reynolds🎱
23.Lee Kendall🎱
24. Carl Q Rogerson🎱
25.Ka Pow🎱
26. Carl Q Rogerson🎱
27.Greg Dixon🎱
28.Steve Price 🎱
29. Carl Q Rogerson🎱
30.Jason Connop🎱
31.Leigh Mannon🎱
32.Martin McIntosh🎱
33. Alexander Dunlop🎱
34. Jason Toovey🎱
35. Simon Crawford🎱
36. Scott Anderson🎱
37.Phil Pitman🎱
38.Phil Pitman🎱
39. Jason Toovey 🎱
40. Jason Toovey 🎱
41.Greg Dixon🎱
42. Scott Anderson🎱
43.Martin McIntosh🎱
44.Steve Price🎱
45.Steve Price🎱
46. Jason Toovey 🎱
47. Alexander Dunlop🎱
48. Scott Anderson🎱
49.Jamie Reynolds🎱
50. Jason Toovey 🎱
51. Jason Toovey 🎱
52. Jason Toovey 🎱
53. Simon Crawford🎱
54. Jason Toovey 🎱
55. Alexander Dunlop🎱
56. Jason Toovey 🎱
57.Greg Dixon🎱
58.Greg Dixon🎱
59.Greg Dixon🎱

No cash alternative
The winner may sell their prize or back a player into the event.

The draw will be done when all monies have been received.

Good luck.


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