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The Supreme Pool Series will be using rankings to determine placings for the Grand Final Event. The rankings for the Grand Final are determined from events 1-4.

2019 Series Rankings

The seeding for the Grand Final, if level/tied are determined based on the following criteria:

1. Best result over the 4 events
2. Next best result over the 4 events
3. Result at the last event.
4. If points level, I go off their score in the round they went out.

There are many other ways of doing this, but we feel this is a simple and straight forward way to separate the tied placings.

How are the ranking point allocated?

Appearance Points

Each player that enters an events will be given the following points below..

Double Elimination (96-16)

Single Elimination (Last 16 onwards)

Please Note: Exceptions to the allocations of ranking points are as follows:

If you forfeit your match in the Loser 1st Round, you will NOT receive any 1st round losers points, only appearance points will be given.

For those that wish to know below are the previous rankings from the 2018 series.

2018 Series Rankings